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impct. was borne from the idea that having all the creatives necessary to execute a project in one place is a concept of unrivalled value. We operate, not only as a social media firm, but as a collective of creative minds, not employed by impct. but still promoted by us.

We are in search of graphic designers, writers, illustrators — the whole gamut of creators — to be featured as a part of our team on-site. We hope to function as a creative directory, offering content developers options for our clients (as optional add-ons to their project). Work you create will always be credited to you, and you set your own price for your work. The idea is simple. A client has a project in mind. She knows she needs branding help, and she knows she wants a hand-drawn logo, but she doesn’t know much else. She comes to impct. for branding, and lo-and-behold, we also have an illustrator listed in our extended team directory. You, the illustrator, have work, she, the client, has a hand drawn logo. Everyone is happy.

We are always looking for creators, but at the moment we are also in search of an intern to work on the PR side of impct. University credit available.

If interested in either, please fill out the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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